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Golf Performance

Well, where do I start...I am passionate about golf...!!!

Excellence in golf performance whether at an amateur or professional level doesn't happen by chance, it is something you can enhance with the right programme and approach.

Initially, I began my association with golf by treating golfers who had sustained injuries while playing golf. However, once I started having lessons, I became increasingly interested in developing my skills to enhance the golfers' performance through osteopathic intervention, performance exercises, nutrition and psychological coaching.

The golf swing is produced by the muscles of the body coordinating together to achieve a powerful rotation action which is like a coiled spring, this generates the energy to hit the golf ball - just watch Tiger Woods as an excellent example of powerful rotation!

I have attended numerous courses at golfing academies around the UK and been taught by specialists from America and Australia, who work with top golf professionals, focusing exclusively on enhancing their golf performance.

This programme has been developed from my osteopathic background, experience and the knowledge I have gathered together from my courses.  

The 4 P'S for excellence in golf performance